Thursday, September 09, 2010

Let's have some tea and truthiness to go with it...

So, tea is the new Kool-Aid. Jamestown is now upon us...okay, enough with the disaster scenarios. For someone who drank "ocho" and learned about the practice of Zen, I am tired of this nonsense with Glenn Beck. Even saying his name wants me to throw up. In any case, why sit and whine?

Do we need to counteract the silliness?

The tea baggers do present some cheap entertainment. However, would it make sense for us to keep it going? Probably. But how about we make it more fun and a bit serious at the same time?

Let's get Stephen Colbert, his Reporrr and truthiness involved!

This is exactly what one "mrsammercer" on "reddit" thought up and many of us agree.

Is God or Douglas Adams going to get involved?

Caution: The following section may involve sarcasm and require reading and information processing skills...

Here is what someone had to say?!

"We have our sign from God: Colbert Rally on 101010 == 42. No need to say more."

So, it looks like the big, funny day may be 10.10.10!

Need I say more? So, either the spirit of Douglas Adams or a carpenter's dad will definitely be involved...

Although, there's more "ideas" on reddit. Like this one:

"Idea: Get Tina Fey to do a speech at the rally..."

Here's to some entertainment...

So, if it's your "cuppa tea", help restore truthiness!

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