Sunday, November 26, 2006

London might have the saddest cops yet...

It doesn't matter if your wife or mum is dying, we need to ticket you. This seems to be the attitude with London Police. And whatever strange name it bears, the office or authority responsible for this greed just lets you know after a few days of furore that the ticket is cancelled. They don't see any reason to apologize to the mere mortals of London city anymore. I would like to thank any supreme powers that exist up there, for not making me one of the unfortunate people who have to live and pay for tickets in London, while their relatives are dying...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Boy, am I glad I graduated... [or, Boy, am I glad I did not go to UCLA]

Okay, this is the one posting which needs no link. And unless you are Rip Van Winkle who just woke up (in which case the internet itself wont make sense to you), you must have read about what UCLA has been upto - trying to, well ignore its students after trying to injure and mutilate one of them.

Here are the first signs that a school is advertising itself as "not safe".

--> "We have a famous rule that lets us demand you show IDs to us after 11pm."

Problem: A school that has this rule must be facing problems. If it were safe, they would not be doing this.

Where would the lax in safety come from?

Paranoia - why paranoia? Why not thugs, rapists and murderers?

Because, they would not be carrying an ID anyway, silly.

So, this is an excellent example of school - sponsored paranoia. I dread to set foot in an environment where, a video shows a kid being tasered, and the school is still "investigating".

This basically means, they really don't give a s*it. And I don't like to pay money and spend time in such a place. Not all of us get to go to school free. And get tasered, hopefully!

What if the student was wrong?

So what, do teachers now start tasering kids for being wrong, refusing to do homework and refusing to confirm? Isn't that what we all do as students - atleast a little.

Here is a scene from the future if you thought, heck ya, you do wrong, we "taser" thou. You go to class without finishing the homework. And your teacher lets your muscles twitch involuntarily at 8am. You did not finish your homework right? Well, enjoy the consequences.


So, would I tell my cousins or friends it is safe to go to UCLA?


Would I recommend it in the very unlikely event UCLA fires the cops (after dancing around the event, living in denial for months)?


You gotta do it as an automatic thing. These are students of a university. Not some wierd reformatory kids from the middle ages.

Would I recommend my cousins and brothers to be chivalrous enough to show up on the UCLA campus after the current board of directors, or whatever indecisive, apathetic people that rule the roost retire?

Maybe, after I examine any available public UCLA "taser" records. And, if they stop giving cops awards for actually using those menaces. Maybe...

Till then, "Hey kids, watch out, here is UCLA."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Traveling my style

[Click on post title for link to New York Times article. Requires free subscription, however.]

I have been traveling very little by flight. However, I believe in total simplicity and relaxation. I simply refuse to stuff myself like a dead puppy so that some stranger I am unlikely to meet again in my life might approve. Yes, there is that teeny tiny possibility that this person maybe responsible for all those millions I may earn in the future. But, if I do have to look like a showpiece, am I going to be comfortable earning the millions?

Yes, traveling on your job is different. However, I sincerely wish people were to loosen up a little bit. Till then, when it is for pleasure, it is shorts all the way..even to Alaska, wait, maybe that's a little uncomfortable!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Coming to a museum in the air city next to you, 18000 years from now

A monster upgrades!!! What would the poor Earth citizens of 20007 do? Something that should have been buried in the deepest craters of the galaxy was left around by mistake.....

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