Friday, December 30, 2005

Bad Ads 2: Maria Sharapova Canon Ad

This ad is so bad, it was probably directed by someoone out of a really bad theater (or theatre) school, and acted by someone who is probably good only at tennis, however good looking she is.

What is with Maria taking the camera out of her inner thighs? Oh yeah, she is so skimpily dressed to take the shots from the tennis ball (a pink frock). So, she has to hide the camera somewhere!

Come on, I am not a puritan, but isn't this stupid? What do cameras have to do with Maria, shooting out her name with tennis balls onto some wall and shooting them? Or the fact that she uses the deeper realms of her periphery to store them?

Where, oh where are stupid ideas born?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Google Experience

[Click on title for external eWeek article link]

Now, I don't like saying, "I told you so", nor do I like to dance on someone's grave...

okay, you can find me on scary, windy evenings dancing on the graves of companies that got too big to handle. I am not saying this is the end of Google. Hell, I dont want that to happen at all. But here is another classic example of what happens to you if hype precedes product, service and quality.

To wit, even Yahoo! has computers replying to your emails.

If you will permit, I predict both these idiot companies will get swallowed by smaller organizations steeped in shameless customer service. If you want to start such a company, get in touch with me, lol!

Good Luck Google!

I will continue wishing you good luck, and wishing what I wish happens to the fruit company...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bad ads of 2005:: Part I - "Alka Seltzer, Big Cold Medicine"

Why are ads interesting?

This is because they try to impress us.

Why are American ads, hmm, interesting?

This is because 99% of them are made by really sad people who think they are funny.

Anyway, going back to the really sad ads in 2005, what is with the "Alka Seltzer Big Cold" medicine ad?

The "Then, you have a BIG cold" just wants to make you retch and/or weep. And then, punch lines are supposed to do something to you. This wants to seal the deal with the retching and weeping feeling. The pharmacist sees the woman outside his store the next day morning and inquires to her feelings, and the lady, a really bad actress says "Like myself". Like what?

Who designed this ad? Why is it on TV? Why do we have to watch this between every bad programme on television?

One day, I would like to meet a few of these people who design these sorry ass ads.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Back to Blogging again...

You know, I have to confess, I am not much of a blogger, but I thought I will start blogging again....

I read State of Fear. Other than doing a little bit of eye - opening about the real state of climate changes and environemnt, the book really did not do much for me.