Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fiorina's Intellectually Charged Campaign Message: I am so pretty and Boxer's hair is SO yesterday....

For all of you left leaning, tree hugging bunch of neo-liberal fruitcakes out there who predicted that Fiorina is trying to do the senate and world what she did to HP's already diminshed stock price and self esteem, she has a fitting reply - her campaign message.

In true conservative fashion, she has announced her campaign - making fun of Barbara Boxer's hair! (Yes, that is right, this right leaning, conservative, yet progressive leader (failure) of the commercial world has some serious issues with Boxer and her hair style).

After all, this is California, where people dress up and braid each other's hair.

Moreover, Fiorina must represent the best in what is happening to women candidates everywhere!

I say we all vote Fiorina to the senate, so that women everywhere will take keeping up with "today's" fashions and braiding their hair more seriously.

That, will take us back to the conservative "roots" where women belong. Not these career-minded, hoity toity women that have no respect for the lord and his desire to impregnate them as many times as it is religiously feasible...

As to her criticism of Hannity, it may have also been his hair style. If Republican men and their impartial media outlets didn't comb their hair...

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