Sunday, September 25, 2005

Space Lift: Giving science fiction a lift?

Consider how naive I am. I first learned about the space elevator at an interview last week. However, I am now space - elevator - educated. There are other places to extoll about the virtues and drawbacks and the number of hoops the technology has to jump to become viable. For now, it should suffice to say that we are inching closer and closer to dropping the word "fiction" from a lot of ideas once classified as "science fiction".

It is so exciting to learn about the next big thing, I now wish I was a sci - fi writer! Maybe I will become one. Or maybe, that part of me will live in fiction. :D Personal egotism aside, this remarkable effort makes me want to go back and read some good, old school science fiction.

Maybe, just maybe, I can have my own Jurassic Park, and in Richard Attenborough's rendition, "The next time..."

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laks said...

Yeah dude thats soo true!!!!