Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ha ha ha... Moral uprightness or relentless self -mockery? Where is Tamil Nadu going?

One only needs to go online, look up news from TN and start laughing, rolling on the floor!!!!

Let's see, we first have a director who was not allowed to call actors "prostitutes" or something close to that. Otherwise, they threatened that they would stop making the bad movies no one wants to see anyway. :p

Then we have people who disallow Kushbu (who disavowed the above mentioned director's freedom) from commenting on pre - marital sex.

Then we have "Jayalakshmi", the true Godmother of all con artists.

And all you have to do is go back to sleep, get up and pick up a copy of Dinamalar, and there you go, you have more entertainment (http://indiawillshine.blogspot.com)

Ha ha ha. At this rate, God knows what we will read tomorrow morning. It is truly the cutting edge of societal entertainment. The state is in a downward spiral anyway, and if you add all these mock sensations of uprightness and set aside the rule of law, we are presented with what can only be called riotous humor!!!

So far they have also come up with dress codes and cell phone bans. When I left the college I studied in, they brought a megalomaniac to run the institution and he banned boys and girls from talking to each other - almost literally.

You know the best thing, people stand by such nonsense! Maybe its time to herald the era of "Shiv Sena" in TN. We can go around smashing up all the hotels we dislike and do all kinds of moral policing. This is so much fun. Moreover, the press will like us, political parties will like us and the courts wont punish us.

If this isn't Rama Rajya, what else is? :D

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Pathma said...

Why did u leave out the movies New, Ah Ahh and U / A certification, being made a big issue?

May be these are far too less impressive on the gossip front, given the gist of whatever is happening these days in TN.