Friday, January 27, 2006

The latest incarnation in desi spam....its not!

It's IITians forming a political party. I am not against the 5 dudes. In a country that is desperate for change, they might just make a difference....but, it should not be to my Inbox.

And, please give them a chance to do something, and then maybe you can fill in on what they HAVE done.

Their being IITians tells me only one thing: At one point, they were better than a lot of people in math, physics and chemistry. How that translates into finding a way to accumalate 540 seats (or has that gone up now?) and make radical changes, I don't know, and frankly, I don't want to.

So please, oh overlords of list cloggers.....stay away from mine when it comes to IITians and their grand schemes for my country. My heart has wept enough for all the widows and bankers of imaginary rich people in the deep jungles of Africa....


Padma Iyenghar said...

"My heart has wept enough for all the widows and bankers of imaginary rich people in the deep jungles of Africa."

Ha ha ha! Are you still receiving those mails?

First, I thought that the entire mail was faked. Now, I wonder, how can people even believe such things, given the fact that these folks are "supposed" to be from IIT.

They cant even seek a trust vote in Karnataka to dismiss the government ,and these kinds of mails keep circulating and jobless people like me keep forwarding and commenting in blogs!!!


laks said...

ha ha ha....

IITians and political party seems too much... most of them are better of here in US... if they remain in India they would probably do more harm than good....

anyways...... i guess junk is anywhere... junk is in newspapers(in the form of junk news)... junk is in life (unwanted marketing pranks)..

u have always got the choice to avoid junk in ur life

the subtle difference between emails and the junk in life is that the difficulty in choosing to avoid junk mail. U always have a tendency to read it when it comes from ur friends.

Junk email is a
new concept: Its new because the cost of sending an email is ZERO. where as to send something junk in snail mail cost u money and hence needs an investement... so is the case with any marketing unwanted pranks in real life

laks said...

Father Hector of the Church of the Painted Breast

Scroll down to the section Painted Breast. It is just to effing funny!!!!!

Sriram Sarma said...

The meaning of PARITRANA:the complete relief implying the end of the very cause of distress...well,to start with I must congratulate these guys,for their dare. For a indian political system which reeks of corruption and the other vices, I think they can go a long way. Ofcourse what is surprising is that it is the IIT grads who have come together for this purpose. What happened to the lakhs of graduates, even educated degree holders who are far better than the existing Laloos & Rabris...Even if they are not successful in their venture, they have atleast reminded us educated indians that maybe someday we have to do something similar for our country. For a system which needs the old sluggish minds to be replaced with more dynamic ones, this is high time,isnt it?

Ok now for the personal part, I think the IITians might not do a good job at it,not that I have anything against IITs but I personally claim to know many IIT grads and many more non-IITians. The latter come up on the top always in the worldly behavioral sense.

All kudos for the IITians to be technically sound or for being from premier institutes, but frankly most lack simple commonsense, you could say they are not street-smart which is much required for politics. Remember, this is not the research labs of MIT. As far as their good intentions the best they can do is, not turn bad. They should have only educated guys in their party. Even if they don’t win a single damn seat they should continue with principles and virtues and not votes. If not now, if not this generation, years down the line, they shall see the fruits of their endeavors. As of the existing scenario as long as they don’t cause more distress to us or themselves I hope they will do a good job of it. Ofcourse they can run back to their plush interiors of atleast politics not being their only resort (politics is the last resort of a rogue)...they can work well...all the best to them for trying their might and all the best for us to bear them through one-more-party syndrome.