Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grassley admits "I never mean what I say"

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When Grassley wants you to kill yourself, he really means it - not apparently. Maybe he thought he was like Cuomo? Giving executives a deadline, trying to see what they would do? But he just said he doesn't mean what he said.

Here is Grassley's itinerary for the reminder of this week:

1. Wednesday - Apologize to Japanese leaders for talking about how they apologize. He did not mean that their apologies were justified.

2. Thursday - Apologize to all businessmen because he wasn't being favorable only to Japanese Businessmen.

3. Friday - Apologize to everyone else, because he didn't mean to be nice only to businessmen in general.

The real problem is, one shudders (as one is) what would Grassley like to tell people on work visas about his views on their duration on this planet. Impressive for a "pro-life" guy.

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