Sunday, April 05, 2009

Want to carelessly allow your factory to blow up? Care not to explain what happened? Love to cover up mistakes using anti-terrorism laws?..,

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The Coast Guard can help!

Or it would seem to be the case. The article I have linked up there is right on the dot - never noticed the explosion in the Bayer plant. But there is more than one reason why you or I would not notice such a thing.

What would they be?

Here is the scenario, right? - Plant blows up. Plant explosion kills 2 people. Company explains.

Uh, apparently no. Not only did Bayer get away with it, the Coast Guard is helping them too. Very nicely done. So, one hand the Supreme Court shuts out responsibility using preemption on the part of FDA, so that organizations don't have to answer to the patients they injure or kill. On the other hand, anti-terrorism laws and the Coast Guard of all the people help organizations to shirk the responsibility of answering to the public and the people they killed..

Oh yes, Congress is holding "hearings". Remember the last time "Congress" and the "FDA" got Bayer to back off calling "Aspirin" a "Dietary Supplement"!?

Hmmm, may the groveling in front of Bayer begin. What a lovely lot they must be to invest in. No Government, law, logical or common sense can get to them...

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