Monday, June 27, 2011

Ron Paul's Fort Knox paranoia proves that legal mari*uana is key to the future of cheap, political entertainment..

Ron Paul is worried that the Treasury officials have swindled Fort Knox and sold it to foreign powers. Either that, or he worries they are just about to do that. So, he wants tax payers to spend millions of dollars to make sure that the taxpayers don't end up losing millions of dollars.

Don't get cynical on me

Now I know there are some of you that are quite cynical out there. You are probably thinking that all that fracking residue from the natural gas harvested in Texas must be making Paulie look a little crazy.

A few of you are blaming the summer heat.

I hear that some of you think he is just like any other politician and will muddle any issue just to pander to his base, in this case the paranoid people at the "Tea Party" who think he is their "God Father" but have no idea about tea parties and mobs...

Some others among you are just being quite annoying talking about his independent wealth and how this "alternative to the mainstream" guy managed to get his son to become a Congressman as well..dynasty, what?

Very few realize the truth!

The truth, beyond the marijuana smokescreen

The truth is, we need entertainment. Yes, we have Palin and Bachman on one side and Joe Biden, equipped with his on-air F-bombs on the other. But we can't get enough...we are so stoned bored, we can't take regular jokes.

And in "these times of strife", with December 21, 2012 fast approaching, and Obama rapidly spreading our wealth, we need someone to say something so stupid funny that we sit upright and cry laugh...

This can only be achieved if our politicians and their donors are able to access marijuana for "medical" reasons (never mind the fact that there is no cure for what they have) and enthrall us.

Understanding this, Ron Paul stands for the legalization of medical marijuana. It took me a few days to wait for the smoke from his puffs to clear before I understood why he wishes to do this..

This way he can quickly come up with more entertaining paranoid ideas that prove that big government is bad, and the world can only be saved by people from Texas, as was proved from 2001 to 2008! All this needs and could use some "medical", er, "help"....

I can't wait for when we legalize Heroine and Crystal Meth, for medical uses that is!

Proposing a blasphemous alternative

A cheap alternative to counting the gold billets at Fort Knox?

Finding out if people in the Congress and Senate have a collective IQ that exceeds 100...


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