Friday, July 13, 2007

OLPC: Adding strength, one idiot at a time...

So now PCs won't carry the old Intel label. Atleast not the OLPC ones....It will now be called "Idiot Inside".

Negroponte's work in India, or the lack thereof is only too obvious. Lets also not worry about the Media Lab and their "work" in Ireland.

So now Negroponte is onto newer strategies : COERCION!

What the hell happened at Intel? Why did they decide to do the proverbial "bend-over"?

God knows what Negroponte's next stop is....maybe its God!

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orsenthil said...

Negroponte's failure in India, does not indicate that he is not capable of anything good. Read HBS article on OPLC. Even I am amazed at how OLPC has garnered strength and I am just hoping that companies would be able get their acts together and pull out a best marketing campaign. On the technical front, OLPC is definitely a wonder and gurus still working on it to make it better.

Btw, I am finding the GRE List discussions very helpful. I am planning to do a Ph.D, and was researching my prospects with the group emails.
Thank you for all your responses and good luck with your study at Stanford.