Sunday, December 02, 2007

Posting after a long time - Bloggers' Rights!

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This portion of the blog is verbatim from my own medical devices blog -

Thanks to Tim Oey [ ] for the link to the story.

This post is Off-Topic only in one sense.

As bloggers, we often tend to write about companies and sometimes if not all times in negative light.

I have very little respect for "Professional Bloggers", especially in Medical Devices who just rehash news articles and try to write nice things about everyone - a true betrayal to journalism.

We all have our right to our opinions and our ability to express them.

As such, I have not written anything overtly controversial yet, and have not been harmed in any way, but should such a time arise, I would like to see my rights protected. Wouldn't you?!

Anyway, just go to the link and read about how BidZirk tried to harass Philip J. Smith, a blogger and lost.This should be lasting proof to any of those in doubt.

Remember to defend your rights, otherwise they will be taken away from you, one way or the other!Good Luck Bloggin'!

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