Monday, January 28, 2008

Is the internet good, bad, awkard or evil?

What a week it has been!!! The Craigslist activities section suddenly seemed to pay off quite well.

I actually joined a group called "The Internet is an awkward social tool".

Never to fret away from signing up for anything weird, I signed up a month ago and even forgot what it was all about and showed up at a cafe to find out it was a delightful new attempt at games night.

Then, I flummoxed around Colorado, desperately seeking and connecting to the interweb - aptly described a Luddite Senator as a set of interconnected tubes...

Later, I found myself in Denver, Colorado connecting to the net free again...

While the internet has offered a lot of delightful experiences, elsewhere, on the same subject, I have acted like Peter Griffin when he pisses off a whole (Southern) town about the civil war..

But hey, why care? The internet works, right? And it makes you happy. So why not defend it?

Just random thoughts...

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