Friday, January 18, 2008

Keeping it professional - for your own sake, do not question people's basic intelligence

It is not often that I do personal blogging anymore. Now most of it is about biotechnology or medical devices. But today I am peeved and that makes it ideal to write something personal.

I love arguing. I love the law. Even in school, people always thought I should be a lawyer.

So, I used to get into long drawn, pointless arguments as well as pointed arguments.

Over the years, I have found it easy to agree and move on, when I realized people are never going to change beyond a point.

Very recently, I was trying to present my viewpoints and two people I was exchanging emails with started questioning my basic intelligence.

Though I found it humorous, I also found out that they were leaving a long bread crumb trail of how they deal with issues online...for anyone who wants some good career advice...don't condescend!!!!!!!!!!

That is almost the most banal, unprofessional sentiment to express. Enemies cannot be made quicker...!

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