Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The new VMWare competitive strategy - Butt head against wall. Say "ouch".

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Yes, the best



loop ever!!!!

See, I remember something about my programming lessons!

[Alternate Title: See, if we don't call it an Operating System anymore, it's dead, right guys? Can we make this our corporate strategy?]

The OS may some day become history indeed. But just being a Microsoft-hater and poopy all over won't do it. After all the pizaaz about its IPO (following nearly a dozen years of remarkably underwhelming existence...) VMWare has been constantly pointing South.

Then, they got rid of their CEO, her founding husband and have now embarked in a "Smoke Mushroom first, Toot empty horn next" campaign to nowhere.

Let's see...hmm

First came their VP of something or the other in Australia (also South, looking from North, that is) who said the OS will be dead in 10 years, and that we will all be running lean, mean linux machines because it will magically gain traction in the next decade displacing its remarkable inability to go nowhere beyond impressing sleepless, hapless engineers for 3 decades prior...

Was that a long sentence or what?

Now their CEO thinks the OS is already dead. Boy what a couple of months it has been for the OS in Wonderland...

Anyway, Cheech and Chong aside...

You know what, Microsoft, Sun and Oracle are entering the brouhaha, and no matter what the folks at VMWare say, if the leaders of an organization leave, if it stocks dip below the ground and if Microsoft is in the game, you are going nowhere.

What amuses me is this unwanted snaziness in saying things like "Microsoft will die", "OS no more".

I am not saying MS will not or should not die. But they are big. They entered the server market and put out Sun. They entered in '93 and were up to 35% in 2007. In fact, compared to Apache, they are lower, but even Google lost share in August 2008.

MS entered the gaming market. Look where Sony is today. Yes, yes, Wii is out, but Wii exists only because MS almost killed off both the players in the market in the shortest span of time since it entered any market.

And to Zune, all I got to say is, if people are stupid enough to buy the iPhone and iPod, why not the Zune. Add Apple's closed-mind idiocy to that and sooner or later you have got MS stealing a certain market share there also.

It all goes back to one point - platforms.

Plus, even in the browser market, Chrome and Firefox will have eons to go before they get accepted in the enterprise.

What does this all mean?

Just like you can't convert an election into a high school popularity contest about "hope" and bitch about it when the opposite side one-ups you, you cannot simply create an OS, not call it an OS and think you will win...

You know what VMWare really needs?

Fewer MBAs who consume Red Bull and yell out crap, and more engineers and scientists.

You know what they have been doing?

Getting rid of their scientist-founders and wifes.

Do you know what this means about their future.....?

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