Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to the dark side, iDIOTs

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So, you know, banks were tumbling, "management" "consultants" who fit "square pegs into round holes" (or was it the other way round?) and "investment bankers" with limo services, free wine and so on were being discarded on the streets, Nepalis were protesting bans on nude discos (now, why would someone do that, really?) and I had no motivation to blog.

None at all.

Till...morsels of food went up nose as I chuckled my a(star)(*) off! - Well, that didn't happen, as I eat soup for lunch...

To un-digress,

Apple is back, Steve Jobs is fat again, and the iPhone is the rage, everybody is an idiot and what not....

See, we are talking about a company that is supposed to be selling "better" computers and "products".

It is supposed to be the "brainchild of a marketing genius" and what not...

You know what it is?

Extortion! Plain and simple.

Apple really does not care about anything but itself.

If you use Microsoft, they want you to feel like an ass.

If you question the necessity for $199 for a phone, they scoff at you.

If you want to use their idiotPhone through anything but AT&T or Orange or Durango or whoever is the lucky lottery winner they ignore you.

If you try to hack into their phones for pre-paid services (which now is as simple as inserting a sim card into their phone), they glare at you.

If you questioned how Martha Stewart had to go to prison while Apple just paid $14 million for crimes it knowingly, willingly and arrogantly committed, they snicker.

If you are an iPhone developer, they...well you are just an idiot.

Did you stand in line for hours and buy an iPhone? You are in the same plane as an iPhone developer. For details, see above.


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