Monday, May 25, 2009

Marriage - a treatment for Kleptomania...

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Leave it to me to take a well written blog with good intentions and twist the message :)

Anyway, do read the linked article. It talks about how a factory load of workers were stealing stuff from their workplace, more as a machismo deal than to really use the equipment.

Scott Adams can rest easy about his Dilbert jokes involving office stationery. Years ago, on the grapevine somewhere, I heard that companies used to have un-inventoried office stationery so that those who had the intent to steal could steal harmless, cheap stationery and that way, they won't get in harm's way.

Well, in this company/factory, they tried something different. Gary Latham and the company first allowed folks to check out equipment that they would normally be tempted to steal.

Then, they had an "amnesty day" which turned out to be "amnesty days" because people kept bringing back stuff to the sawmill...guess why?

Their wives wanted them out of the houses because they were running out of space!

Gotta enjoy this..!!!

Oh, and if you went to the linked story, you also get to test yourself and find out if you are an arse with a proverbial perforation at the workplace...

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