Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm nuts you say? Well crack this...says world's most litiguous..

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You know the Guinness Book of World Records goes looking for trouble across the world. Okay, they go looking for records. Well here is one, piled on itself...

Guy spends so much time suing everyone, they banned him from suing in many places! He has in fact sued so much, they decided they were going to throw him in the record books.

And naturally, in good humor (which I guess is better than mine), he has sued them in retaliation for trying to suggest he sues too much.

I say get him out of prison and give him a job...! He has too much time on his hands. Maybe the US Senate? Or Congress? Or some time with Joe the Plumber so that he can learn how the "shmos" do it without over-doing it!

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