Monday, September 21, 2009

Can we at least separate the church from the bras (and the Catholic priests from the k..)

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Cancer is a big deal. Breast cancer is worse. Why?

For one, we don't have a cure for it, heck, we don't even catch it on time.

So, we need people to be aware of the disease and it's seriousness.

On that note, a tiny radio station decided to dangle bras off a street in some random city.

Enter the Catholic School Principal, their motto being: "Do as we tell you, our priests of course are exempted".

Is it not enough that Roman Catholics actually do not want patients to get treated for cancer?

Apparently, this Principal claimed that "children should not see undergarments". Excuse me? Don't we want them to wear some so that they don't catch diseases or priests of a certain religious following, er, certain diseases don't catch them?

So don't kids already know about undergarments? And isn't most of our perversion achieved through the sexification of items, rather than the items themselves?

So, we are extremely unsuccessful from getting the Catholic Church's teeth off Presidencies (Obama wasted public money visiting the Pope), or Supreme Courts (which is overflowing with Catholics).

And now we can't separate the damn (yes, I said it) church from Cancer or it's priests and Principals from our kids....

Please: Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way...

For more on this 21st century re-enactment of the 14th century stranglehold that Catholic Priests and Principals have on America and the rest of the world:

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