Monday, September 07, 2009

And this week's "Idiots we bailed out" winner is...Bank of America

So, there is this man who does not have arms, apparently due to a birth defect walks into Bank of America and wishes to cash a check made out to his wife. Bank of America ABSOLUTELY needs a thumbprint from you. Your disabilities? Your own problem! Don't you get it? What, are you slow?

Anyway, read the despicable account here:

I guess their new and bailed out motto is: Bank of America - where the handless and other invalids are not allowed.

Of course, the progressive tax payers should be pleased at the turn of events.

Before you scream "WHAT!", let me explain.

See, bucking the trends from states like Texas, Bank of America now believes in EVOLUTION - survival of the fittest. Of what good is cash to a man without hands and can't spend the cash anyway? Why should the bank oblige and waste time?

Call it cost cutting, if you will!

It's just like when the monkeys won't pick up their babies if they fall down. It is just too much to take care of a monkey with a broken back. Awfully cute, but what's the point?

Of course, if he had only opened an account with BofA, everything would have been well. Some people just don't get it.

(A serious side note - Darwin, the father of evolution was not right in presuming "survival of the fittest".)

Hmm, wonder if Bank of America will adopt more such changes, just to help us with nostalgia - such as "Bank of America, W****s Only".

And here I was, thinking my bank, Wells Fargo was the Devil's sole spawn...


Read about that tragedy here:

Angered? Bank of America Customer? Call them and ask them about their policies on Americans with Disabilities, and also definitely talk to them about the Florida incident and ask them what specific remedy have they done, other than random balderdash lip service...

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Sriram Sarma Emani said...

It's really sad indeed. I could not believe until I read the original article that something like this could happen.
When he presented 2 ID proofs which were enough to create a new account, which I believe has more requirements than that to encash a check, they could not cater to this man.
It's unfortunate, and if you ask me, he should escalate the matter further to make it known to all that a bank acted so insensitively with a disabled person.