Monday, December 24, 2007

A very inspiring and interesting video about girls affected by HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe...

[Click on title to watch the video]

And if that video doesn't move this:

While we have worked extensively on AIDS patients in India, I was shocked to watch this video and read about the cultural myths in Zimbabwe. Too often, we take democracy lightly. We don't pay attention to the blessings we receive to live in a society like India.

Though there is a lot of stigma, you can still help these folks in a country like India. I am not saying things are necessarily easy, what with idiotic parents preventing innocent children with AIDS from attending schools.

However, it is not as bad as things are in Zimbabwe.

Goes to prove that real non profit work is so different from "arm-chair" non profit work!

It is disheartening to see all this going on in Zimbabwe, however, it is also heartening to see people struggling to let the world know about it!!

It is time to be inspired by such efforts!!!

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