Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On again, off again, on again, off again? on again? on/off, off/on, on, off, o, f, o......

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And you thought you had to be unemployed, sitting at home watching soap operas to access high class drama queens.

Or maybe CNET is smoking something.....

Oh well.

So what do YOU think is going to happen next?

At this point I think both Yahoo! and Microsoft are full of butt heads.

Not so fast.

If you know Steve Balmer well, it would appear this is something he has been playing all along, forcing Yahoo! to give in after they failed to play nice.

To complete this love polygon, we do need a couple of Democrat Senators, Google and the FTC.

Wonder when they will step in?!

And this way, Yahoo! will be ever pregnant, never delivering and no one will ask why not....

Do you think the Yahoo! Board came up with this pregnancy pact?!

Too many sarcastic lines of thought, must stop....

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