Monday, July 14, 2008

Is Obama running a campaign without sense or humor..I mean sense of humor?

Ah, the pleasures of not being rich and famous like the New Yorker.

Why is the cover offensive? After all, we live in a world of "Ugly is Art". Following that logic, the magazine employed some hapless artist to cull all the wrong things that have been said about Obama and his wife and put together, what I think is a pretty (well, maybe not pretty) hilarious cartoon.

It would have served as a great tool for the Obamans to prove that the Right was being downright nuts.

Of course, how can we let commonsense take over? So, the silly campaign went overboard yelling from rooftops.

Does it remind you of the nonsense kicked up the Islamic people about the cartoons?

Oh my Gosh, did I just mention Obama and Islam in the same blog!!!

I think the Obama campaign needs to come down from this "holier than thou" attitude. They are telling people how to run families, comedians how to do shows and now magazines what to put on covers.

Uh, free world, remember?

All the arrogance seems to stem from this notion that people have nowhere else to go but to vote for them. Well, it didn't work in 2004....

Or is it that, having found no satisfactory congregation, the Obama campaign is trying to create a church for him, giving out instructions to the rest of the world on how to live its life?

Having said all this, I am proud that I am not as famous as the New Yorker. You see, not many people read my blog. Nor do most people apply commonsense in their lives....

Oh, what the future beholds (No hope, just a mirror of our current existence)...

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c said...
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c said...

"You see, not many people read my blog. Nor do most people apply commonsense in their lives...."

The very few who read your blog have some uncommon sense then?