Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is Paul Harapin smoking? I want some of it...

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Okay, who can predict the future? Not even the world's richest (or second, or third or fourth or wherever he is now) man.

He once said, One MB of RAM is all computers would ever need.

Of course, Bill Gates went on to become the world's richest (or second or get the idea) man.

Where is Paul Harapin going to go?

With this kind of talk...probably not far.

Alright, alright, we get it, you are getting paid some kind of a salary by VMWare so you have to run around hockeying us with tales of how only your company and an unsupported, non-commercial, hithero highly unsuccessful, Operating System with no future...I mean "Open Source Linux" are the only ones left.

So, imagine, it's the end of time. The world has burned down, and only VMWare and Ubuntu are walking around holding hand in hand....

hmm. the landfill fire in Palo Alto, did get to me!

Silliness seems to pervade VMWare.

Silicon Valley is a nag on its own backside. After way too much fanfare for the IPO in 2007, VMWare, the next "Windows Killer" (not the "secret" OS that 13 year olds with ADD are building in Google) got nowhere. So, they have dropped a CEO and are now continuing to struggle.

Has it hurt their pride (or inane-ity)?


First off, the death of Windows is like the Loch Ness monster, Area 51, "Campaign of Hope", "Change in Washington" (not change for a Dollar, mind you) and so on.

Alright, let's assume by some twist of fate, all these "nextgen" virtual devices come to exist. How is it possible to replace them within the next 10 years?

Just from that simple logic alone, we can assess that VMWare has more trouble ahead if continues to employ the likes of Paul Heparin, Harparin, what?

Why do engineers not like marketing guys so much?

We engineers have no imagination (or mushroom gardens...)!

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