Friday, August 22, 2008


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Ha ha ha, please click on that link and see for yourself:

"In New York, some Apple fans were miffed that the first people waiting in line for the iPhone 3G were activists hoping to stir up publicity for a cause. But don't you think they would've been even more ticked off if those first spots in the line were taken up by paid actors?"

If you are an Apple "fan" you don't have much bragging rights or the ability to be miffed. You already got punked, miffed and what not.

So, now a woman in Alabama is suing apple. Indians are making fun of a phone that costs $700 and is behind other Indian phones in technology!!! And..the company behaves like a teenager refusing to admit exactly what it is that their updates their own customers!

Here is a slogan I am ready to give away for anyone who wants to start an Apple "Fan" Club:

"We put the i in iDIOT"

Apple Fan? Want to retaliate?

Only emails sent from "My new 3G iPhone" will be accepted. (Or come stand in front of my house for 36 hours and yell)

Like, they are ever going to get here...on time, or before eternity itself ends!

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