Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now unveiling in a blog near you...a "Dear MS Outlook" moment!!!!

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Alternate Title: The World does a 'Microsoft', only Microsoft does better...

First Read This:

" "Dear MS Outlook," Owen Schultz wrote, "I am so sorry about our breakup several years ago. I have been thinking about you a lot since then. Will you please consider taking me back? Just one more chance? I'm sorry about all the horrible things I said about you and your operating system. You were the best I ever had! MobileMe and I are finished!"

Directly stolen, I mean "adapted" from:

and then read the entire article. But remember yours truly as well. For those of you who have known me, I have always touted the fact that Apple is totally unprepared (deliberately so, just like MS, only with much, much more arrogance) for any kind of large customer base.

Yes, yes, they sold so many of this and so many of that. But isn't the world full of idiots accepting dictators, tormentors, mind-changing, hope-touting weaklings and people with 23% or less approval?

What would you expect such an inept world to do?

Of course, buy more and more of the useless.

In any case, the very few of you who know me and equally despise me might have heard me gloating for years about how ineffective Apple is at being able to sell their products to anyone who wants to put them to good use.


Apple makes its case as a "better than MS" company (Yeah, Right! - after MS bailed you out) and finally sold copies of an mp3 player and a rather obvious phone design by the millions.

Don't forget the fact that they were neither the first at designing mp3 players nor were they original in even designing, they stole from Creative's patents, desperately fought them and then settled.

Now, their phone swallows email, their website swallows discussion threads ( ) and their killer swallows apps (Oh, no, that one's not going away...!)

God, what else will this hungry beast swallow?

He he he. Idiots. So now, Silicon Valley is floundering:

1. Gmail has had outages. I experienced these.
2. Yahoo! has had outages. I experienced these.
3. The frikking computing cloud, whatever that mess is, had outages. Amazon, please books. That is all you can barely manage, even now, I dare-say, properly...
4. Netflix has gone to hell, finally...

Who is laughing all the way to the bank?

The creator of the World's largest non-profit and his company.

No one said, MS is perfect, or is going to grow up enough to try and be half-way there, but it is amusing to imagine all the MS haters now wondering in gloom - "What Next".

Meanwhile in a dark alley in the streets of San Francisco, Yang, Jobs and Schmidt plot their next plan to fool the world.

And oh, if Apple cheats and fakes board meetings, "It's all good".

Hate Microsoft? Love Apple?

Be ready for buckets more of ridicule to come your way. The funniest thing is you paid a higher price to be laughed at!

Also Noted: Ever wonder why Apple calls it "MobileMe"? Its all about them, of course, and how they duped you suckers into buying one! Ha ha ha.

And your angry retort "Sent from my iPhone" will take forever to reach don't bother. Uh! Can you hear me now?

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