Friday, August 08, 2008

Isn't the iPhone so cool...yeah right!

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Oh, how the stupid have fallen!

I have no sympathy for people who dog a store for 36 hours to buy an expensive brick from a crazy control freak company/guy. There have been dozens of stories about how DemiGod Jobs prepares for months to fool, I mean market idiots with too much money on their hands.

I have also heard, through a personal friend and ex-apartment mate as to the kind of craziness that reigns project management at Apple.

So, today morning's story has not been all too surprising.

Now, Apple wants to control what its customers own and how they use it. Perfect! You get to be baby-sat (considering, if you spend $500 without knowing what you are buying, you lack any sense of maturity) for $500 + $$$ (AT&T) + $$$ (buying apps that can be unstably disabled any moment now....oops! somewhere in the world, someone's App just got yanked)!

I can imagine Steve Jobs as an incarnation of Uncle Scrooge on top of piles of gold coins, going he he he, clicking away, disabling everyone's apps while ruminating about a new SOB story to tell at commencement new year (Thank You Stanford, the world seemed like such a peaceful place before we heard 'poor' Jobs' life story).

If you are mad at me - consider this, my parents walked to school without slippers, and from where they started, they have achieved quite a bit (well countered and surpassed by the downside of producing me!) and they don't go bitch around about how bad life used to be.

If Stanford really wants bleeding stories for its commencements, it should select homeless people to tell the story. That way, at least we can pay attention to real problems.

In a way, to badly misquote Douglas Adams (who, unfortunately was an Apple fan, making our spiritual post-Earth relationship quite difficult. Adams, I hope you appreciate my view when you read this. For you uninformed, Facebook loving Earthlings, he has passed on, at least from this medium of existence):

Apple is "Mostly Harmless"!


Well, Microsoft is all pervading.

Apple only f***s up the rich, who, in a way, since I am not rich, deserve what they got (yanked out of their phones) !!!!!

Long live stupidity! It makes the rest of us feel so great....!

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