Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Britain: Now wagging it's insignificantly small pen* in a South Asian near you - one more time

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I was traveling the Thanksgiving Weekend when Bombay was attacked. Returning from the trip, my biggest shock was that Pakistan was not back to the stone ages where it belonged.

Thanks to my 1.08 billion brethren whose solution to every problem seems to be making more babies and calling it a "cold start", Pakistan will continue to be a gangrene of our modern times.

Look at Israel? Humanitarian Crisis, my pink tushy. If we don't fight evil with effective war, we will never have a solution.

And, after all, India's problem is different. We didn't occupy Pakistan. We gave them the Capital F*ing right to exist.

Talking to several of my co-habituating Indian citizens, I found out that we were still very interested in empty mouthing.

And all this crap about "Western Allies". India doesn't have any allies.

And now Britain. Can somebody ask the Island nation to shut up? They are the reason this mess exists.


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