Monday, January 19, 2009

God, or his agent is now talking to YOU on YouTube!

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It's official!

What our friendly, neighborhood convicted felon Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens said seems to have caught the Pope's attention! He has realized that the interwebs are a bunch of tubes connected to each other, and YouTubes is one of them through which you can post funny moving pictures of yourself slipping on a banana peel with a white robe on, and so on....

The Big, Fat, White Priest Pope will now beam his dissatisfaction over your extra conjugal indulgence, your propensity to use "protection", your attitude towards divorce, embryonic stem cells and what it means to be alive (it's totally okay to die in unnecessary wars when you were 18, as long as you are delivered once conceived, bastard child or not..) over YouTube!!!

Hmm, I had a Bill Maher moment out there (

Well anyway, I think I am the last person (other than all the homeless, impoverished people) to get on the YouTubes.

As long as Ze Pope doesn't try to post cartoons explaining the differences between Islam and Christianity, he should be A-okay!

One more thing Pope, no DRM music in the background. You don't want to piss off the RIAA. They will send takedown notices and settlement lawsuits to a one "John Doe", 1 Vatican Circle, Vatican City, Europe.....

In other issues that seems to be pissing people off (call it my diversion tactic):

God's mom did not have a bust. You cannot compare her to your friend's mom who used to come pick you up after soccer games...

You think I am going straight to hell?

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