Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Freedom, Shmeedom - If it worked for Hitler, it will work for network companies, says Europe while playing the harp, as the internet burned...

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Viviane Reding is an amazing, fairly balanced idiot EU official?

When Microsoft does something wrong, people like her cry hoarse about monopoly.

When it comes to internet, here is her strategy: "Rather, our goal should be to find ways to allow operators and service providers to respect human rights"

Who else has stomach ache laughing their red little tush off?

It almost makes Obama's cabinet picks or India's reliance on Pakistan to solve the Mumbai crime "mystery" look a little less funny (or alarmingly terrible.., depending on your view point)...

Oh Europe. Just when we thought all you were was flotsam, you come back and entertain us, so well!

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