Sunday, February 01, 2009

Can Mr. Monk be wrong?

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I don't know who else here watches Mr. Monk. The show on USA has become a mainstay with me for the lovable character of a guy who pines for his dead wife and solves mysteries in an "In-Your-Face-Sherlock" fashion.

He is also an obsessive compulsive neat freak.

And, he has got a problem:

In the Super bowl style football episode, Mr. Monk in his usual summation goes "He sold the Xeroxed copy..."

It's elementary My Dear Watson (with who, I sherlock am gayly in love with...):

Xeroxed may be okay for colloquial expression. It may be okay for low quality dictionaries that are chomping to add more words to their gamut, qualified or not.

It would not be okay for Adrian Monk - the man who can simply look at the picture of a ring and find a dead body.

Hmm, oh well, when have we associated TV writers with the superior intelligence, anyway?

I sent feedback to the USA Network. Want to bet we will ever hear back?

Mr. Monk may be a legend in San Francisco. But on TV, he is making some bad, uncharacteristic mistakes...

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