Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why "but Obama told us it is cool to sell pot..." doesn't seem to be working...

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Oh, and just to clarify, Obama sold us on hope...not dope!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Obama has had a rough day or two. He suddenly realized that his Democrat brethren not only smoke anything that burns, but also don't pay the taxes they levy on others..(

Oh, in case you thought that was over, the husband of the Labor Secretary Nominee just paid $6,400 in "back" taxes.

Want to infuse cash back into the economy?

Audit the Democrats...

Anyway, we digress.

I am sure though this is a topic that is not easily forgotten.

Who would have thought Obama would be the darling of those who peddle ganja, hashish, dope, smoke, pot, grass....

I am sure he isn't, but hey what is better than punching a guy when he is down?

Okay, listen people - you want to sell marijuana medically?

Well, get mainstream researchers to lobby (oh wait, Obama doesn't like that), beg, express outrage, publish journal articles or do something about it.

If it is medical, it must have proof, right?

Well, then let's get it.

Or, ask the FDA.

They will approve anything - even if it is for s*its and giggles....

Or, wait until 2012. I am sure Palin will approve leases for marijuana fields.....

What? My blog makes very little sense?

Well you know what I have been smoking!

Oh, and anyone else think the Canadian flag leaf looks suspiciously like...

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