Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Sexperience with Bing...

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Unfortunately, writer's block can go both ways. Sometimes you don't know what to say, and sometimes you don't know when to stop...every minute since I heard about the search for "sex" being closed out by Bing in India(search results go dead and you are gently asked to search for something, or use an actual search engine)....I have only wondered.

Where do we start?

1. Okay who was the low IQ perv who first looked up "sex" on Bing. Keywords boy, keywords...gotta look for the right thing. Alright, I give in. After all most exciting discoveries and inventions were accidental, n'est pas? Maybe he/she (could have been, right?) was looking for some "decision" making help?

2. Our main concern here is - is this really censorship from Microsoft. After all if there are 1 billion of us, then we probably knew how to, even before Google or computers, right? Unless of course, 'em storks have been partial to the future of your software companies and IT support...(and those Bangaloreans Obama would like to not give jobs away to - yeah I split my infinitives, go Bing yourself now!)

3. So, going back to point 2, does Microsoft not want us to know about "it", also known as the birds and the bees, or do they just want fewer Indian babies?

4. It is amazing that while the original genius mentioned in #1 only looked for the three-lettered word, some of the commentators in the article referred below have seen how far Bing has gone with other body parts in India, Singapore, Australia and beyond. Apparently you can look up the "V" word (see, not actually writing the words makes it more exciting right?) but not the "P" word.

I think the V vs. P strategy is really good. After all, if you didn't know how to make what go where you won't try it - kinda like the unfinished Ikea furniture assembly that has been lying around half finished in your garage for six months...

Okay, I gotta admit, if I say anything more, Bing may never let me come up on their puritan, purgatory, Catholic Nun's Almanac decision engine again. So, with my selfish "blog searchability" in mind, I am going to stop...

If you are reading about sex on this blog from India, you know you heard it here, even if not at first, definitely not at Bing!

And now, for your reading "pleasure":

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