Saturday, June 20, 2009

The City of Bozeman secedes from Iran rescinds acts of insane inanity

Alright! So, "Global Outrage" works. Like someone posted here on Slashdot:

"What else can we start worldwide backlashes against? They seem to f* work."

Well how about one against Indian Government Hospitals? For details, go here

So, what is all the hue and cry about? If you have not read what I posted here yesterday, you have just been downright mean, uninformed and naughty!, based on a stroke of genius, the City of Bozeman decided to capitalize on the unemployment rates of 2009 by demanding that all job applicants stand in the noon sun on one leg and do hops and skips...okay, okay... they decided to require that all applicants submit their Yahoo! Gmail, Facebook, MySpace and other extremely pertinent passwords so that they could judge their applicants' character.

What is the difference you say? (I mean the difference between asking someone to go stand in the sun on one leg and hop/skip..)

Let's just call it the incident. Of course, I leave it up to you to call it the most stupid thing adults could ever do. Just so we are clear, I am not the one calling it, he he.

On some random website whose url was almost all consonants, approximately 6300 people thought Bozeman had been taken over by Bozos, while 45 disagreed promptly and another handful said they couldn't care one way or the other.

Oh come on. I side with the 45 dissident netizens.

After all, which Craigslist Personal Ads you put out there and which ones you respond to will eventually determine how good you are at your job. (It will be if you are a South Carolina Attorney General looking for cheap, borderline-legal publicity).

In any case, the next time I am on my way to Yellowstone, I will stop by Bozeman again. Of course, I will have this big grin...

And it must be party time at Montana's News (yes, creativity is somehow wanting all over the state, what with all the hitherto-unseen-herewith-unforeseeable page hits:

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