Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to take advantage of potential employees in a bad economy, brought to you by Bozeman, MT

You have to love driving through some of these towns. So, once on my winter trip to the Yellowstone, I actually stayed in this town. So, it's good to know how bad they like to treat people.

What is up with Idiot Station Central, I mean Bozo-town, er, the Government of the City of Bozeman?

They want anyone applying for city jobs to give out their Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, Facebook and other online profile passwords if they want to apply for a job. Of course, this is 2009, right?

What is the harm in taking advantage of the hapless jobless?

Better still, the Government likes to justify it - "No one has withdrawn an application because of this".

Hey, this makes Kamala Harris and her bullies gang of the City of San Francisco (Childs, anyone?) look like angels! And of course, if you ever thought why so many people have such stellar opinions of the Midwest, you know who is behind it.

Of course, the next time I drive to Yellowstone, I wonder if I will want to just drive on by Bozeman without stopping.

Want to throw up? Join me:

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