Saturday, August 15, 2009

America's gift to Indians on their Independence: Humiliation of their public figures at the airports

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Alright, Shah Rukh Khan is an entertainer. However, he is also a Muslim.

How can the U.S. Customs pass up this opportunity to show how they are better than India at handling religious minorities?

They detained him for 66 minutes (wonder what idiot was sitting around counting that).

However, what was more humiliating was when they did a personal padding on the most honored living Indian Abdul Kalam when he was about to board a flight to India.

Okay, genius (hey, I am not looking to be detained at an airport, so you should replace this with EXACTLY what I would like to say, after all, I am not even famous) is probably the personal property of the DHS, TSA and other Federal Agencies that know how to "Win Friends and Insult well meaning Indians Influence People"..

However, can someone please explain why India's movie stars are on TSA's list?

And as a taxpayer in the US, can I seek out a reason as to why TSA'S list of people to stop, bother and humiliate is so, so to speak, "listless"?

I am just thanking Jesus' Dad that Gandhi is not alive today to be detained by the TSA...

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Sriram Sarma Emani said...

Personally, I do not care about SRK being detained / frisked or anything else at the airport. I don't think half of USA would be in uproar if Brad Pitt were frisked at an Indian airport. Do you realize what would anger people more, if former president Bush were frisked. Oh wait ! Many, including Americans would not care, and infact have a grin on their faces.
All jokes apart, the point is when did all the protocols and rules die, those that exempt people of importance such as Dr. Kalam.
He showed the humility of a common man, and was in the least bothered, but the rest of the country has a problem. I reiterate, that Clinton or Bush must be frisked when they aboard a Jet Airways in their homeland towards India.