Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lynn Jenkins - Hello World, Sorry, I am not racist, just an i...

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Somehow, it appears to me that I could be a better Congressman (and no, no trans..gotchas here) than her.

The problem - I can beat KKK, I mean Kansas Congresswoman - just stuttered there. Sorry, I didn't mean to say she belongs to the Klan. Hopefully, the Klan members are understanding and forgive me. Or should Jenkins forgive me?

Maybe we should all buy each other some beers?

To read about the wonder Jenkins is: Click Here

Hey Jenkins, true, Obama might need a bright, white light shined on him (apparently that's what she meant).

How about you?

The good news here is that she has apologized instead of demanding one from us for possibly mis-under-representing her!

Why can't we find a better place to put our societal misfits? Why send them to Congress.

After all, there is Fox News....

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Kappa said...

Well... light/hope? po-tay-to, po-ta-to?