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Getting attention is the dream for most bloggers, present company not being an exception. It is also the dream for the magazines that talk about Alien abductions and homosexual Presidents who hide their birth certificates.

One would hope that the difference between Fox News such magazines and good bloggers or journalists is that the latter would be "on the up and up". apparently does not want to belong there. This afternoon, while lunching lazily, I was stalking Google News as usual, and there was a nice shiny red ball, I mean, an article/blog on how "Apple messes with your life". Naturally, I was lured, literally seduced, drawn in, charged, captivated...well you get the idea (hopefully, or put down the pipe).

And I read through an entire article feeling like I was still high from close contact with some much needed dish-washer fluid action. And then, I skimmed over to the comments section, only to be comforted that there were more who had been cheated by this timeshare salesman of the internet.

The blog/article is an inexorably bad exercise in cheap "hit-mongering". Throw in Apple and the iPhone and any idiot will read the story- except the internet is also the home for it's own infamous, instantaneous lynch mobs! So Chris Matyszczyk, the guy who wrote this brazen piece learns something about journalism.

Flimsy stories about iPhone-toting knuckleheads roaming the bars of Silicon Valley - describes about 95% of the people living in the Mar del Silicon, and there is absolutely nothing interesting about bringing out the fact that they spent most of their lives in close contacts with computers and as a consequence "lost it".

Hmm, hey did you hear Palin may be divorcing! See what reading has made of me?


Well, if I linked to this ill-famed blog posting I write about, I would be contradicting myself by giving it more hits..! Lol.

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