Monday, February 22, 2010

Was Palin more hurt because she was referred to on Family Guy, or were we more hurt because we are hopey and changey

First off, someone paid her $100,000 to talk. People usually ask me to shut up. Did I go on Fox News and launch a tirade about the unfairness with which we are treated?

Maybe I should?

So, I watched the Family Guy episode, live, a rare occurence for me. Here were my reactions:

a. Oh my god, and then I realized I don't believe in jack-asses that don't exist and if they did, should be in prison (for among other things, having created me).

b. Oh well, it is Family Guy.

Now the funny thing is, it wasn't South Park that did it. And now, I think we should have a match off and have all the animatronic shows mention Palin as many times as possible.

After all, it will garner her all the publicity she needs, further burying our hopeys and changeys.

I have a feeling Palin's indignation had nothing to do with autistic people or other people with special abilities, because if she understood them, then she wouldn't treat Family Guy episodes the way she has done.

Moreover, by trying to openly hurt a vast majority of us, she doesn't have this self-perceived authority to defend autistic people:

Oh well, Ms. Palin, did you stop and think before you quipped, "How is the hopey, changey thing going?"

Well, here's to hoping ....

Palin's own 2012 hopeys

I understand that a half-black man with immense oratorical talents becoming the President before completing a single term as senator can give a lot of people hope.

Yes, to move forward and become something.

But see, he didn't chicken out, resign and run away after 18 months. He got promoted, so to speak.

Heck, the guy won't give up on his damned health care thing even now (please don't!).

Autism, disabilities, Sarcasm for dum...former Governors of Alaska and the Family Guy

Andrea Fay Friedman, an autistic actress played the role of the autistic cartoon character in the Family Guy episode.

While she said several wonderful things, including calling out Sarah Palin on treating her son as a "vote bank" loaf of bread, she made an unfortunate slip.

She tried to explain sarcasm to Sarah Palin.

Little did she know that Palin has her own "understanding" on sarcasm.

According to Sarah Palin, it is OKAY for Rush Limbaugh to call people with special abilities "f*ing retards" - yes, he actually f*ing did!

That, according to Palin is sarcasm.

However, it is not okay for Rahm Emanuel to do so...

(and Rahm, will you shut the f* up - hopefully talking to you in your own terms may, possibly help?)

Weird? You betcha!

I have another theory for why sarcasm may be out of the reach of Palin...her inner palm is too small for the explanation to be written out succinctly and r-word proofingly!

Here is Andrea Fay Friedman's wonderful statement:

The State of the Union real hopey-changey thing

The real hopey-changey thing, some people tell me, is that some time, in the not so distant future, maybe, possibly, plausibly, the Republican Party can field a candidate with working brains!

And that hopey-changey thing, Ms. Palin, is not doing well....

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