Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dalai Lama to Pope - I see your facebook account and raise you a twitter....

Alright, Dalai Lama!

When the pope went on facebook and youtube you knew the "game was on".

He was calling on all the other religious leaders to "bring it" (like all the otherwise unemployable judges on MTV say).

Most religious leaders ducked ... but, the Dalai Lama was not going to back down.

After all, unlike the Pope who has his own country, palaces and the means to ban Bill Maher, Dalai Lama has to live in India, fear persecution and the Chinese Government...

Given that the "elite" Chinese students must be raring to hack into the Lama-dude's twitter account, you would think he would back down...not him!

Yours truly is following him, and recommends you do as well:


When I added myself, there were about 93,804 followers (me being the 5 that ensued) of Lama-san. Now, pope-meister and Hu - how many people do you have following you?

Ze Pope had 98,356 fans as of 8:15pm, PST on 2/23/2010...and he has been a member since much longer than the L.

Must especially hurt the Frockmeister, since he wants his priests to go forth and molest, er, preach using social networks such as Facebook, buzz, eharmony and other social networks. If the Lama beats him, just after 2 days...what is Rome going to do?

How will they beat the pagan? What puffs of smoke will Rome send up the internet's, uh-hmm, tubes, to deal with this problem?

How long will it be before the Chinese schools hack this account - after all, harassing Tibetans is not just a way of life, but a security issue...!

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