Thursday, February 04, 2010

Liberty - the one everyone loved to date, parade and then dump...

Alternate Title: Who want's to play, "Let's trade a senator!"?

Note: This post brought to you by the 1st amendment rights, which when used against against Justice Clarence Thomas, makes him very angry...

Supremely Injudicial

Different countries in the world have different ways of establishing and running a "supreme" court. For example, in Pakistan, you can get arrested for being a supreme court judge and thrown out of power any time at anyone's whim.

On the other hand, as President in the US, you could use your ineptitude skills to mark the Supreme Court's direction for several decades by appointing judges, ranging from the genius to "I am 40 years old and barely getting through the federal judiciary system".

Thus, President Bush, left his mark on us by creating a lovely system with 5 judges on one side and 4 on another, hell bent on sticking to their stand, no matter what.

After having effectively dismantled election reform, Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy have become regular politics, doing the press rounds, writing major opinions and answering questions asked by timid students carefully hand selected by faculty. What happened oh glorious justices? Too chicken hearted, eh?

According to Tom (Clarence Thomas if you want the unabridged version) here, even newspaper organizations are corporations who can now trade senators. Alright, it may be bad for "The New York Times" and "Washington Post" as corporations to talk about these Justices and how they have liberated corporations from being unable to buy and sell senators and congresspersons, but how about Joe the blogger?

Hey Thomas and Kennedy, this is how the rest of us feel what you did is going to do to us:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hopefully the cartoon does the same to you, since you are either too busy or too thick - how else can you be this disconnected from reality?

The picture is not for your assistant to print and give to you so that you can color inside the lines, by the way.

Liberty goes to town

Everyone loves liberty. She is pretty in pink, blue, and now red!

It is not just for ACLU and EFF anymore. Anyone can go on a date with Liberty!

You can scare anyone into submitting to any kind of nonsense you wish to pull, for example - you tell them that they will lose their liberties if the judges and politicians weren't allowed to pull the same liberties from under them to prevent the liberties from being lost...I know, but hey Clarence Thomas, our dear friend here started this, not me!

Yes, truth hurts, but that is the point of liberty - when you pull something DUMB, people get to tell you about it! I think even someone who failed in a law school in Iran or Cuba would get that....


In a way, it is a good thing - you don't want these guys operating your bridges or amusement park rides. At least, by putting senators on sale, these Justices and protectors of liberty are causing less damage than they would in a real job!

Maybe, that is how Supreme Court judges should be selected....

Meanwhile, I wonder what entrepreneur will build the first "Let's trade a senator" game show/social network/real-time-online-secure-confidential stock exchange?!


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