Thursday, March 25, 2010

The patron saint of devils, or child molesters?

You know how it is, right?

You work hard for years, systematically covering up all the dirt under the carpet and calling all other religions weak.

Finally, they give you a high seat, a balcony with a view of blind followers and a white frock with a cap.

When the whole child molestation thing came back up, I didn't feel surprised or in the midst of new news. This of course was followed by confusion about some Cardinal Ratzinger.

I was like who is this Ratzinger? Well, the rat should have given it away. god's (grammatical error intended to avoid misplaced respect of the dis-respectable or the non-existent) messenger on Earth defends child molesters. Cute, the ways of god.

Turns out Ratzinger is our friend, Z Pope. What and who he "Benedicts" to, is probably going to shock you...

It reads like a bad imitation of a Sidney Sheldon. How did one man have so much power to cover so many crimes across several countries? And how the frick did he become the leader of what now appears to be an offensive and rather dangerous clan?

Makes the crazy bastards from the Texas clan (the one they recently disbanded by sending in the FBI) look less daunting.

Separation of the church from my ..., leave alone the Government please. How disgusting?

The massive "Catholic Church" scam

I think we should first investigate this guy and start asking him some serious questions. More importantly we need to develop a clear understanding as to why the law enforcement agencies have not started disbanding these churches.

It is impossible to believe that statutes and other drivel would have gotten in the way. I guess it is easier to harass seniors for computer glitches (this is what the real NYPD does in it's spare time, actually, during work time) and write speeding tickets to well meaning citizens.

And there are politicians worried that if they didn't support this guy, they wouldn't get communion from this guy and his band of "priests".

Not that any "religion" should, but could anyone else have gotten away with such sub-human behavior?

Who else thought they should throw up?

If you have no idea of what I am talking about read this and weep:

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