Monday, March 08, 2010

Reuters Expose: Barack Obama is Israel's secret President (or the post known as how dumb is Reuters)

Emulating  Fox "News", I need to say: This is a rush transcript (by which they usually mean it is cooked up, unmitigated drivel).

Though I have been taking a break from blogging because I am working on a top secret project, I could not resist this one...

We have all been there. The spell-checker messes up, or we have just been too spaced out. But you have to be dumb to pay and get paid to write, edit, and publish stuff that is supposedly journalistic and other hogwash and mix up something this big.

We are talking about the world's most powerful man, his sidekick (who is usually the one mixing things up, notwithstanding Obama's seances and special Olympics), the world's most aggressive nation and the USA.

How can you mix things up so bad on the first line of the frigging article?

Maybe next time "Dan Williams" and "Jon Hemmings" should turn down the volume on the Oscars, take a sip less or so and read what they write and edit?

Here's to wishing for those "high" (no, not that high, Cheech, Chong, Kumar and Harold) journalistic standards that people lament will disappear if we don't pay for such drivel..

And what is with that random sprinkling of "Barack Obama" links around the article?

Now, maybe there really was a problem with Obama's oath taking, along with the whole birth certificate mystery and him dressing up as a clown and robbing banks while imposing socialism on all of us....phew, long sentence n'est pas? Not enough space on the inner palm to note down...

Also makes you wonder, if Biden is still the Vice President (Reuters, in this article of the legends, never reveals who the big boss is), who is the current President of the U.S.?

Is Obama moonlighting?

Or is Cheney our secret President! Oh wow! or was it Oh No?!!!

Link to this well crafted piece of "journalism":


Hey, I write crap too (mostly by plan), will Reuters pay me? I know Rupert will...just watch - shut up Srihari, don't fight the big media. They have lawyers that will come after money you don't have (and if the lawyers are as good as their journalists...). And, you are not cute like Colbert....

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