Friday, April 23, 2010

Arizona to Earth: Sorry sir, please step aside, you don't look white er, right enough...

Alright! Let's all have some tea!!!

Arizona has now completely evolved. They love themselves so much, they are changing their state's motto to

Arizona: The Racist State

Can you blame them? Really? Here is why what Arizona has done is correct:

1. They don't like you. You are not white, I mean, right, I mean Republican, I mean you know what I just don't belong here. Get out.

2. It doesn't matter if the name Arizona itself is Spanish. If you can't spell "irony" how is it going to affect you?

3. Nothing good ever came of immigrants in this country. When was the last time you heard an immigrant doing anything good? I mean, look at me sitting on my brown a.. , telling you all this. Of course the people on the Mayflower weren't immigrants. They were "pioneers". Get it? No? What, are you retarded? I can say "retarded". I am not a Democrat, see...

4. Their police need something to do. I mean come on, they have solved all their other problems.....

Conclusion: I wonder if they will soon pass a law that says, "For w*****s only". We will all be able to drive to the borders of Arizona and reminisce those good old days of wonder and joy that brought the American dream to all our doorsteps. Of course, John McCain will endorse that too. He always knows to do the right thing...just look at Sarah Palin!

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