Thursday, May 06, 2010

How many South Carolina folks does it take to catch an emu?

Now I am not Erle Stanley Gardner (and thus he slumbers peacefully in his grave). If I were, I would have quaintly called it "The Case of the Runaway Emu". Yet, I wonder how many people that title would attract.

If I was Wordsworth (a whole bunch of British people would be pissed that Indians are NOW stealing poetry!), title would read, "Posting garbage about emus on a sunny day in May"

Secretly though, I think the blog title should read: How to take a very simple story and make a blog post out if it. Anyway, enough of that...

On to the aviary. Apparently an emu decided that he/she should pull an "I, Robot" and hit the road. I am sorry, but we humans are not ready to give birds freedom.

What a chicken, I mean emu! If you really wanted to take off, you should have taken, er, flight..(just remembered they can't do that, failing biology doesn't really help, sigh!)

Now, if the emu had Indian parents...they would have said: "Fly damn it. Look at the pigeons. Even the crows do it. You run fast and flap. Flap! Oh, why is God doing this to me...!" I am telling you, even the dead emus would fly!

So how many people from South Carolina does it take?

To answer the 64 Euro (whose value has no bottom) question, it takes, er 50 people. You know, it doesn't help Southern Pride much, given this cornucopia of urban bird chasers included the police and animal control folks.

And to think, a humble net did the trick.

It's back to the drawing board for the gallivanting emu!


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