Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel - Aggressively Stupid or Stupidly Aggressive?

Along with many others in the world, I had thought that Israel suffered the consequences of terrorism. Now, I wonder.

Are you kidding me?

You land on an aid ship from choppers and start a fight.

The people on the ship attack you with sticks and you respond with guns.

Israel - you have gone mad.

The consequences?

I expect the consequences to be as follows:

1. First Obama, then Hillary will condemn Israel.

2. Then, egged on by Congress and every single Congressional vote they cannot loose, the world's most powerful man will grovel in front of Israel. In case you have ALREADY forgotten, that's what happened last time when they threw eggs at Biden, er, announced a new settlement.

3. A bunch of "Friends of Israel" will publish a full page SOB story ad in the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. We will all be reminded of Hitler - never mind that attacking unarmed people on boats is not much different. (I know, no one reads papers anymore, but this too has happened viz-a-viz, the settlement brouhaha.)

4. In a few days, we will all be more concerned with the "next Idol" or "brainless Chefs cooking tasteless food" on Bravo, or "Ghost Hunters Academy".

Israel's next target - orphanages or seniors' homes?

Meanwhile, we will be biting our nails to see if Israel will bomb a "Home for the Aged" or an orphanage. Obviously, kids and seniors can be very dangerous to Israel's "sovereignty" (yes, that's what we are calling it now) when armed with sticks and stones.



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