Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Prop 8, a great model to bankrupt the Mormon "all" churches...

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Prop 8 was overturned today, August 4th, 2010. It is not a victory, and a victory that should never have existed anyway. The Mormon church and it's faithfuls of other religions (you would be surprised how religious congregations come together when it is time to spread hatred) hoisted this on Californians (including tax payers like me) and had us spend money defending something that should have been a God an Evolution given right to our state anyway.

This got me thinking - they already wanted a stay, so they have the money to spend on it. And they want to take this to the "conservative" (apparently this is what we are calling it nowadays) Supreme Court.

So, why not give them a run for their money? How about we keep them engaged, constantly, legally?

Like go to Utah and try to pass legislation on gay marriage, for example. Or in any number of states. They will come for a fight, right?

How long can they go on promoting inequality? How long will people buy hatred as a church message? Why not test and find out?

After all, they have already experienced moral bankruptcy...

After all, their "refudiater"-in-chief's daughter couldn't even hold a sham engagement long enough...what do these people really know about marriage? Not a lot, you betcha!

Imaging if any of these geniuses spent money on cleaning pedophiles off their own churches. Oh well, we can't allow a good thing get in the way of targeting minorities, right?

Well, now that Prop 8 has been stemmed temporarily, don't think we are done. Next up, Prop 23....

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