Sunday, August 29, 2010

Microsoft's "titillating" s*xcapades..

It was really hard to come up with a title for the post. Not that the topic was a tough one, but that there are so many titles that there is no end...however, I chose "titillating" from the article referenced here. It seems quaintly appropriate.

And I know I am a little late on the post, but when it comes to s*x and Microsoft one is, let's move on.

Feigning Innocence!

Microsoft was organizing some sort of IT brouhaha in Australia. Now, I have not been there, and I would rather case you don't know, they kill Indians and the police pretend it's not racism. Anyhoo..

They decided to "titillate" the IT folks attending the conference to some "meter maids". No, not to teach them the virtues of appropriate parking, the other kind. What other kind? Well, the "gentlemen's club" kind, the kind as Lisa Scottoline would put it, where no "gentlemen" would ever go!

Well, when you hear "meter maids" being used as a "titillation", what do you think?

Yeah, me too. Apparently though, Microsoft didn't expect the meter maids to show up, er, half naked...although if you did a photographic comparison of the surface area to clothed area, you would notice "half" doesn't cut, er, cover it.

So, anyone here buying Microsoft's feigned innocence?

You might, if this was the first time that Microsoft decided to get some extra "help" to encourage their Israeli resellers, if you may.

Wait there's more!

You didn't think I would leave you with a soporific post about Microsoft hiring hookers did you? I hope not. What would be the value if this blog chronicled things sans the irony they bring to the doorstep of our inner eyes? You are right I am stretching the point, just filling space to keep the suspense going and all that...

The conference included a section called "Women in IT". Well, if you stepped back and said, "So, what's the big deal?", there is definitely something wrong with you. Or, you may fit right in with Microsoft's marketing department. Who knows?

Much tweeting followed of course - that is right, hire a few meter maids, offend a few women and then hoist your women employees' to tweet down any sign of dissent or protest - a great strategy, any day!

The question I have is, if Microsoft had hired any available "Meter Men" would any of us be saying the same things about men being objectified? Or is that the wrong conclusion to draw?

In any case, the next time Microsoft holds a conference, I want in...wonder what they will do next!

It must be so much fun working at Microsoft. Oh why did I not focus on learning about pointers and work at Microsoft. Damn you all!




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tramp said...

I miss Microsoft too... Atleast they include their employees in these activities unlike some others

gautham said...

is there a pun on the second word of the title?(maybe its just me)
good work on the meter maid link. made my day...