Friday, December 12, 2008

Goldman Sucks Sachs - now bringing 2.0 of incredibly inaccurate oil price predictions

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Let's be honest. This is worse than the boy who cried wolf. I did not even read the article. Who cares about the abracadabras that the "analysts", "experts" and whatever other goobs in Goldman cooked up?

The most unnervingly idiotic moment came, in Q3 when oil prices were incessantly falling and Goldman "stood by" its "predictions" of $200 oil.

Were they trying to dupe someone somewhere?

And mind you, when Goldman was "standing by" its numbers, oil was on a slippery slope - should I say pun, intended?

So now these Scooby-Doos are predicting $45 for 2009.

Hmm, I "predict" $700.

If we are throwing numbers, why give a frack how off they are, right?

Are you a tax payer?

If so, it is idiots like this (not exactly Goldman Sucks Sachs - okay why do I keep doing that!) that you "bailed out" while sitting at home jobless or at work fearing it will go away.

Enjoy watching Uncle Sam take your cash to Atlantic City....

Because we can't live without these "teams", "analysts" and "experts"!

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Sobellinni said...

So what happened to the 700 Billion that we gave to Goldman Sachs [former] Employees to spend [waste]

c said...

I think every employee of Goldman Sucks subconsciously wants to suck the cash out of your pocket and ship it to oil rich countries.