Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Change how I preypray? Separate Church from what? Well, Separate "this" says our friendly, neighborhood Warren....

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Cynicism is an amazing tool. When you learn very, very early in life that people never mean what they say (hear that Jesus?), you settle well into reality.

But, if you have been polluting your backyard with golf courses while driving a Subaru or Prius (or both, which makes you the perfect fluff cake) and telling the rest of the world how it should be, you probably get blindsided by people like Obama.

I was somewhere in between myself. On November 4, I let my guard down. Well, thank you Jesus!

What is amazing is the fact that it took George Bush 8 years to do to what Obama and Rick Warren are going to achieve in the span of a few minutes (or seconds).

No wonder YOU are not the Person of the Year...

Of late, what respected constitution have you tried to dissolve in a few minutes?

How many of the people who trusted you have you let down in a jiffy by using platitudes to defend yourself?

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, the Palins are now grandparents.

We live among a breed of role models indeed!!!

Yes, January 20, 2009 is the end of an error.

It is also the day you realize you are very, very, very error prone. After all you are human aren't ya?

Don't trust me? Good, wait around for no actions on abortion, human rights, gay rights and a host of Lincolnian platitudes served up as excuses.

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